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Here you will find the most detailed and comprehensive information complied on Corydoradinae Catfishes, including husbandry and detailed breeding accounts in the form of spawning logs.

Every known species is detailed on its own dedicated page. There are a range of articles by other Corydoradinae breeders, as well as the latest scientific news and updates.

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In the online shop you will find books dedicated to the identification and breeding of Corydoradinae.

You can also find catfish artwork, catfish badges, a new range of specialist fish foods and Corydorasworld dedicated merchandise.

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Catfish Study Group

The Cory-Vention was a tremendous success. There are four elements needed to make an event such as this successful, Speakers, Sponsors, A support team and Delegates, and I would like to take this opportunity to give my sincere thanks to:

My speakers:  
Isaâc J. H. Isbrücker, Luiz TencattHans EversHeiko Blessin, Karsten Schoenherr, Mark Breeze and our mystery speaker Eric Bodrock

All my sponsors:  
Go Wild Peru , Corydorasworld, Amazonas, Pier Aquatics, Aqualife, Silksworth Aq, Midland Waterlife, Maidenhead aquatics, Neil hardy aquatica, South American Fish, Amazonas Magazine, Practical fishkeeping, Hikari, JBL, Tetra, Fish Science, Vitalis, Repashy, MARS fishcare, Swiss-Tropicals, BD trading, Catfish Study group, KDY Tropicals, ScotCat, MK Plumbing, The management and staff at the Britannia Hotel. A special thanks to my good friends Brian Walsh (WoodArt) for his wonderful carvings, Ann Blundell & Danny Blundell for there time, help and endless encouragement. 

All the numerous Friends and Delegates that helped me in the preparation and over the weekend with setting up, and especially at the end with the break-down. Organising is one thing but without the practical and physical help, again the event could not take place.

Lastly, bust certainly not least, YOU! the 98 plus delegates, who came and supported the event, making it the most memorable of all the events I have ever organised.

As a little side note. We had delegates/guests/speakers attending from 11 countries (4 continents). The furthest travelled was Eugene Khoo from Australia, Gerald Buswell and Luiz Tencatt from Brazil.

Again a very very big thank you to all.

Ian Fuller


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Aspidoras belenos

Aspidoras belenos Britto, 1998

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Aspidoras albater

Aspidoras albater Nijssen & Isbruecker, 1976

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Science Papers

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