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Following the cessation of the C-number coding by the German DATZ magazine, and with the ever increasing number of corydoradinae species that were being discovered, I thought it was necessary to continue with a similar coding system and introduced the CW–codes in 2006. A similar procedure and information is required before a species is allocated a code number. Firstly quality image/s are required and a verified catch location, the catch location may not always be available because in the cases of rare and or valuable fish the original collector may not want to divulge this information to avoid competitors invading his catching areas. In these instances the river systems are often good enough to be able to compare and separate like species. 
In certain cases a CW–code has been given to identify distinct colour form of particular species, this is becoming more prevalent with species that have a wide distribution.
CW001 – CW020 CW021 – CW040 CW041 – CW060 CW061 – CW080
CW081 – CW100 CW101 – CW120 CW121 – CW140 CW141 – CW160

List of scientifically described and identified CW-numbers.

CW024 – C. gryphus  Tencatt, Britto & Pavanelli, 2014 CW032 – C. knaacki  Tencatt & Evers, 2016
CW036 – C. arcuatus  Elwin, 1039 C065 – C. eversi  Tencatt & Britto, 2016