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The Fish House

Built in 1995 this is my third Fish House and after a resent refit it now contains some fifty-four tank of varying sizes, the largest is 24" x 18" x 14" (18 UK gallons). The Fish House itself measures 9' x 7' x 6' to the eaves, the walls and roof are fully insulated and are 3" thick.

The two 45 gallon (200L) barrels are used for storing water, the left one holds rain water collected from the fish house roof and is filtered before being used. The right-hand butt one holds R/O water, which is piped directly into the fish house and through a valve keeps the level of the inside storage vat topped up as water is used. The R/O unit is housed inside to avoid frost problems during the winter months.

To save internal space a small sound proofed lean too was built onto the front of the Fish House to house the air pump.