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Ian Fuller

Born in Birmingham in 1946.

A toolmaker by trade, and self confessed Corydoras nut by admission

I started keeping tropical fish in 1970 in a small 18 inch aquarium, it was not very long before I had two, four foots and two three foots set up in the spare room. Overthe first two or three years I kept and bred many of the popular fish groups. Starting with South American Cichlids, graduating through Barbs, Anabantids and Characins. Although I had kept several species of catfish during this period it wasn't until early in 1973 that I took an active interest in them. From when I bred my first species of Corydoras in 1974 I have been well and truly hooked.                                 

My first fish house took shape in 1977 and was a sectioned off part of my garage, which housed 36 - 18 x 18 x 12 inch tanks. It was then that I started seriously breeding Corydoras a project which still continues to this day in what is now my third fish house.