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Dwarfs and Pygmies

Following on from my previous article 'From small beginnings' I thought is would be a good idea to introduce some more of the smaller species of Corydoras, these are affectionately known as 'Dwarf' or 'Pygmy' Corys. There are six species in all that I would put into this group. These are Corydoras cochui Myers & Weitzman, 1954; Corydoras gracilis Nijssen & Isbruecker, 1976; Corydoras habrosus Weitzman, 1960; Corydoras hastatus Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1888; Corydoras pygmaeus Knaack, 1966; and Corydoras xinguensis Nijssen, 1972. All six species grow no larger than one and a half inches standard length (Tip of snout to caudal peduncle). In the majority of all Corydoras species it is the females that grow to the largest size, and in many instances the males are noticeably smaller.

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