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Transporting Corys

Avoiding self poisoning

Many people often encounter problems when transporting Corydoras, the number one of these and to a degree the one that is to be expected is that of bag puncturing. If you think about it we are dealing with fish that are equipped with very sharp pointed pectoral and or dorsal fin spines. To help avoid this type of problem it is always best to use strong bags and double them up, which is something that most retailers do automatically However when bagging your own fish for transporting there are a couple of things that can be done to help alleviate the risk of your Corys puncturing their bag. The first of these is to tape the corners of the bag back with adhesive strips, effectively rounding off the base of the bag and removing the pointed corners. It is the corners of where Corys dart into as soon as they are put into a bag, usually getting themselves well and truly stuck when they lock their fins, usually puncturing the bag in the process.

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