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Corydoras pulcher

Breeding Corydoras pulcher Isbrücker & Nijssen, 1973 by Johannes Graf

There may be no other Corydoras that is so often misidentified than Corydoras pulcher. About half of the pictures on the Internet show the wrong fish. Misidentifications occur with some of the several forms of C. schwartzi (which is living in the same area, the Rio Purus), but also with C 141 and others. For correct pictures refer to (Fuller & Evers 2005). C. pulcher is a big (7-8 cm) Cory with an elongated white first dorsal spine, a long snout and a longitudinal body pattern.

When I had the possibility to obtain ten adult pulcher, I had no reason to doubt that transporting this species would be a very unhealthy thing. They are very fast and ran against the glass when catching. In the bag they swim against the plastic film and get bloody snouts.

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