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Breeding on demand

An attempt to spawn upon demand

By A.W. Taylor. F.N.A.S. Dip; MB.

As someone who over many years have had some success in spawning many species of tropical fish, I always get a little nervous, when asked the question, 'How do you breed a certain species' . As answering this sort of question, no matter how sincere one is; can be a tad precarious. There are some people who think that there is a magic formula and that you are keeping it to yourself. I tend to look at things as 'You are keeping water not fish', get the water conditions right and the fish will for the most part be healthier, and more willing to spawn, all that is needed, is a healthy diet for some, while others need these things, plus a 'triggering' event in order for them to spawn, one such event can be a water change using cooler water.

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