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Identifying Corydoras 2

The Banded Corydoras

The term 'Banded Corydoras' is a title that has been given to quite a number of Corydoras species, some are widely known and are readily available at most aquatic retailers, others are not so frequently available and only seen in aquatic literature. All of these 'Banded Corydoras' posses a dark band that extends down and along he ridge of the back, or high up on the upper sides of the body, which is usually intense black in colour. There are four species that are most commonly seen, and these are Corydoras arcuatus (Elwin, 1939), Corydoras melini (Lonnberg & Rendahl, 1930), Corydoras metae (Eigenmann, 1914), and Corydoras davidsandsi (Black, 1988).

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