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Corydoras burgessi

Breeding Corydoras burgessi

Corydoras burgessi resembles Corydoras adolfoi and Corydoras duplicareus in color scheme; noticeably possessing the bright orange "c"p? on the top of their head, just in front of the dorsal fin and behind the eyes. This intense orange marking resembles a bar or a teardrop of color rather than a patch of color as in the others mentioned. They lack the ?skunk stripe? but do have a dark black mask concealing their eyes. There is also a large black spot that fills most of the dorsal fin. This spot also runs into the top of their silver/white body, just in front of the orange "cap". The body shape of C. burgessi, with the high back and thick full body, reminds you of a Brochis rather than a Corydoras catfish. Females are easy to distinguish in adults by their fuller, plump bellies. Both male and females can reach a good size, almost three inches in total length.

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