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Air supply

9 blade blower

The air supply for my original Fish House was a 125w 9 vein blower. This was changed for a more economical diaphragm pump.

Diaphram pump

After I refurbished the Fish House in 2004 I changed the air supply from the 9 vein blower to a Hi-Blow twin diaphragm pump. This produces slightly more pressure and volume and at 45w it is fare more economical to run.

Air supply

The air is supplied through a 32 mm diameter ring main with individual thumb screw adjusters connecting to each tanks filters via 5 mm diameter air line.

Air control valves

Air is supplied to each tank through 5 mm diameter airline, the flow is controlled with Jehmco metal valves.

Micro air tube

The egg hatching containers are supplied with air through micro air tube, this has an internal diameter of about 2.5 mm and comes supplied with special connectors to link to the standard 5 mm tube or fittings.