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The "Elegans" Group

Like the "Aeneus" group, the species belonging to the so-called "Elegans" group is becoming  more and more difficult to define. In this section I will show the species that would in all  probability be placed in this group if science decides to make a review of them, there is every likelihood that if this work is undertaken the genus name of Gastrodermus Cope, 1878 would be resurrected. At this time there are around 24 species falling into this group. 

The recent work; Evolution, Ecology and Taxonomy of the Corydoradinae Revisited by Markos A Alexandrou & Martin I Taylor separates the whole Coryadinae group into 9 lineages with the so-called "Elegans" group falling into lineage 5. Interestingly the species currently designated as Aspidoras pauciradiatus would also fall within this group.