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Steve Grant

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Steve Grant is a UK aquarist who specialises in catfish and loaches.
He has kept fish for 25 years and the first fish he bought was an albino Corydoras aeneus. Ever since that moment he has been fascinated with the identity, taxonomy and nomenclature of catfish, despite being hospitalised by a Shovelnose catfish! He has authored numerous articles for aquarium magazines and the CSG Journal, and has a large collection of catfish images hosted by He is also an avid collector of ichthyology books, and his collection includes many rare or out of print books. He has probably bought more books than fish!
Steve has described two species of Corydoras, C. kanei and C. crimmeni, a replacement name for a species of Mystus, one subgenus of Acanthocobitis (loach), identified the valid description of a loach in an old aquarium publication, and rediscovered the syntypes of Synodontis leopardus and of Leiocassis ellenriederii.
His favourite catfish is Bunocephalus verrucosus, the Craggy Headed Banjo Catfish.