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The "Hamburg" Mattenfilter
The Mattenfilter technology is based on open-cell (reticulated) foam of 38 to 75 mm (1.5-3.0 inch depending on tank size) thick with a porosity of between 20 and 45 PPI (pores per inch). The foam is cut to fit snugly across the end or back of the tank and tall enough to be above the water level when the tank is full. A groove or hole is cut in the center of the foam block at water level to accommodate the spout of the air-driven Jetlifter. In the USA, Poret® foam and Jetlifters™ are distributed by SwissTropicals. Another important feature is to leave a gap of about 2.5 cm (1 inch) behind the foam, this allows for a more even flow of water through the Mattenfilter.

Medium Jetlifter (20 mm) in operation, clearly showing the flow. 

Mattenfilter installed in a 20x20x60 cm aquarium. The 30 PPI foam is 4 cm thick with a 20 mm medium Jetlifter, which produces a flow rate of 7 to 7.5 liters per minute.


Rearview of the Jetlifter in place. The hole or groove is cut at the same height as the water surface.

A 25 mm wide plastic frame is used to create a space between the sponge and the glass. This allows for even water flow and avoids any dead spots.

There are three sizes of Jetlifters: 12 mm – 20 mm – 25 mm (½", ¾", and 1"). The flow rates of these Jetlifters are very good compared to any other that I have seen or made myself. The rates are about ½" = 3 Liters per min. ¾" = 7 L/m. 1" = 12 L/m. Naturally, the amount of air supplied will play a big part. It is easy to see when a Jetlifters is working at its optimum flow. The manufacturers of the Jetlifters also offer longer tubes to facilitate their use in taller aquaria, as well as freestanding filters such as Cubefilters.

For fishkeepers in the USA SwissTropicals is the HOME OF SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT FILTRATION SYSTEMS based on the Poret® and Jetlifter™ brands of products. We are the North American distributor for wholesale* and retail of these products.