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Breeding Corydoras sp C123 "Yellow cat"

Breeding Corydoras sp C123 "Yellow cat" by Don Kinyon.

This is a very distinctive Corydoras catfish native to the Rio Nanay in Peru. What makes it distinctive is the bright yellow coloration of the fins, particularly in the males, almost never seen in Corydoras. Otherwise, they resemble most of the elegans-type Corydoras; having a dark brown body with silvery white markings. The pattern is mottled at the head and then forms two more-or-less stripes on the back of the body to the tail. The dorsal fin is yellow with horizontal dark bands as is the tail, the caudal fin having less dark coloration. The rest of the fins are yellow as well. The males get around two inches in length while the females grow larger by half an inch and are much heavier-bodied. 

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