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Born 1960, Widnes.
Although born in Widnes, I grew up in Runcorn. I was always fascinated as a young boy by tropical fish, and often could be found looking at the Aquarium by theHead masters office in my primary school. Although I had kept a few goldfish in my childhood I didn't get my first tropical Aquarium until my sixteenth birthday, by the time I was 18 I had six tanks, however; my thirst for the Beer interrupted my fish keeping at around the age of twenty and It was another eleven years until I started keeping fish again. It wasn't long until I was introduced to a guy who was running large fish rescue. It was over the next three years that I looked after many fish that are called 'Tank Busters'! During this time I had increased my own personal aquarium space to fifty-six tanks ranging from six feet down to one foot; and breeding a wide range of tropical's including a few Corydoras types. After the fish rescue relocated, I was invited by a friend to join the local aquarist society, where I not only showed some fish, but joined the Federation of Northern aquarists Society, (FNAS) breeders award programme, going on to receive the FNAS Diploma of Master Breeder. It was due partly to this that I went on to successfully breed many other Catfish species.
At the present I have 34 Aquaria in a small shed, and a 75-gallon tank in the house.

The first Cory that I spawned was C. pygmaeus, and the latest that are hatching is C. napoensis.