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This store is owned by friend and fellow Cory enthusiast Eric Bodrock. Eric is one of the the top Cory breeders in the USA




SwissTropicals is the HOME OF SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT FILTRATION SYSTEMS based on the Poret® and Jetlifter? brands of products. We are the North American Distributor for wholesale and retail of these products. We offer a wide selection and we filter anything. Check out our filtration solutions or contact us if you have custom requirements!
This is the web site for specialist aquarium fish collector Oliver Lucanus.
San Francisco Bay Brand is committed to providing the tropical fish hobbyist, hatcheries, zoos, aquariums, and aquaculture consumers with the highest quality all natural nutritional diets that provide the complete essential nutrients found in your pet's natural habitats.
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Fish Tanks.
We have over thirty five years experience in the trade, and our business owner has been running his own business for the last twenty five years.  We have an excellent reputation for ?great customer service and high quality aquariums, and are always friendly and polite.  We have a real passion for fish and aquatic creatures, and this comes across in the care and dedication that we put into every job that we undertake. our prices our highly competitive, so give us a call today to find out exactly what we can offer you.


Our website is dedicated to giving you our latest stock updates, advice on how to keep your fish healthy and information concerning our shop, situated in Preston, Lancashire. Remember, the fish which you see to the right are not all we have these are just the more interesting fish which have come into the shop this week.

Pier aquatics  is one of the Uk's top aquarium stores, specialising in all forms of Catfishes, especially the Loricariidae and Corydoradinae.



Midland waterlife is the retail side of my good friend Richard Edge's aquatics business. Mermaid Fish Imports is the well established wholesale fish import side of the business, a business that has more than thirty five years experience behind it. Situated in the centre of the UK within two miles of the motorway network.

From the day we opened the first store in the centre of Maidenhead, we firmly believed that one of the key ingredients to our success is employing fish keepers. Our staff are people who share your enthusiasm and if you have visited more than one of our stores, you will know that as the UK's leading chain with outlets nationwide, each of the 160 branches has its own character and specialities.

Scientific sites of interest

Mission: To facilitate the discovery, description & dissemination of knowledge of
all catfish species by a global consortium of taxonomists & systematists

Dr Martin I Taylor
My primary research interests are the evolutionary biology of fishes, and the development and utilisation of molecular markers in fisheries biology.






European Stores and services

Aqua Global

Aquatic Clubs & Societies

USA & Canadian aquatic clubs & societies



Brooklyn Aquarium Society is one of the premier aquarium societies in New York and caters equally for both freshwater and marine hobbyists.




The Potomac Valley Aquarium Society is bassed in Maryland USA and was the host for the All Catfish Convention in 2004 and will he hosting the event again this year in October (2006).
The London Aquaria Society is a non-profit organization, established in June 1956. Its main objective is to promote interest in the breeding and raising of tropical fish, and also to provide a means through which hobbyists may exchange ideas, gain information and display their fish, sharing them with the public in the London area.


The SouthWestern Michigan Aquarium Society is a non-profit organization whose objectives are the study, culture and exhibition of aquatic life; the encouragement of greater learning; the research of all forms of aquatic life; and the promotion and betterment of the aquarium hobby.






 The OCA is an organisation dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of information relating to all aspects of the biology of cichlids and related aquatic life. Our purpose is to promote the interest, keeping, study, breeding, and the educational exhibition of Cichlids. Additionally, the exchange of ideas, meeting new people, and distribution of information concerning Cichlids is of primary interest.

Our regular meetings are usually held on the last Friday of the month at the Phipps Garden Center on the corner of Fifth Ave. and Shady Ave., (1059 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15232). The doors open at 7 p.m. and the meeting begins at 7:30

UK - Aquatic Clubs & Societies

The Fair City Aquarist Society is based in The Fair City of Perth, Scotland. We are a society of like-minded aquarists with an interest in keeping, breeding and showing fish.


The Catfish Study Group is based in the UK but has a world wide membership and is dedicated to promoting the interest and furthering the knowledge of Catfish.





This is the British Killiefish Association's web site and is soley dedicated to the keeping, breeding and exchange of Killiefish


This is the home page of the British Cichlid Association, a group that is dedicated to the keeping, breeding and furthering the knowedge and interest in Cichlids

Most Anabantoids or labyrinth fish have only been discovered in the last 25 years. The anabantoid association of Great Britain exists to provide information on the new as well as the better known species. It also aims to offer opportunities for members to meet, exchange fish and contribute to their conservation.
Contact Secretary:

The Scottish Federation of Aquatic Societies
The Scottish Federation of Aquatic Societies was formed in 1958 and to this day the main body still looks after the interests of its member clubs from all parts of the country. If you live in Scotland and do not have a club in your area, visit the Federation site for further information."

Federation of British Aquatic Societies
Founded in 1938, the Federation of British Aquatic Societies (FBAS) is the largest fishkeeping-orientated organisation in the UK and provides services for Societies including Show support, audio-visual programmes and free advice to everyone. The FBAS encourages responsible fishkeeping, and recommends its Codes of Practice that cover all aspects of fishkeeping.




The aims of the YAAS are to increase the fishkeeping knowledge of affiliated members and apprise the grass roots membership of aquatic developments either by newsletter or through society delegates who represent them at regular Association meetings and in general to try and ensure all societies are striving to reach the same objectives.





Union of Scottish Aquarists

The Union of Scottish Aquarists is a governing body to which fish keeping clubs and individuals can affiliate. Memberships from affiliated Clubs and individuals, income from fish auctions and other fund raisers as well as assistance from sponsors, helps the USA provide first class judges for member club shows.


CAOAC was born in the late fifties (incorporated in 1963) to allow the clubs to work together for their common good and the good of the hobby. Legislative issues, promotion of events, a judging system, national awards, assistance for new clubs, & liability insurance are just a few of the things on which clubs can work and benefit together. Recently, a Fish Rescue Program has begun. This has been developed with outside partners who also have an interest in our hobby and environmental issues.

NEC Aquarium Societies

Federation of American Aquarium Societies

The Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS), formed in 1973, is a service organization of and for aquarium societies of North, Central and South America.

Aquarium Web sites & Forums

I Love Corydoras

The I love Corydoras web site has been a favorite place to visit for many Corydoras fans the world over.

Planet Catfish

Planet Catfish is the worlds premier Catfish site and this yearcelebrates it's tenth anniversary. The development of the site over these ten years has been phenomenal making it the first place to visit for Catfish information. As well as the vast amount of available written and pictorial information, the site boasts one of if not the best Catfish forums available on the web with many of its members experts in their own rights


Scotcat is another UK based Catfish dedicated website catering to the needs of the ever growing population of Catfish lovers. With an active forum this is another must for your favourites folder.

Tropical Fish Forums

Tropical Fish Forums is owned by Tim Beer former owner of the Corydoras World domain. My thanks go to Tim for his kind donation of the 'Corydorasworld' domain and I wish him every success with his new site.
Tim's new site covers an ever widening range of aquarion subjects covered in the forums and has a growing encyclopaedia of species. This is an area that I am sure will rapidly grow and no doubt keep Tim busy for many years to come.

Aquarium Related Manufacturers



We produce for everyone, from novices to professional aquarists and for customers who set the highest standards both for themselves and for their aquarist hobby. Our aim is to fulfil these expectations and to meet our responsibilities. Our customers are at the centre of our attention.

It all started with a specialist pet shop which Joachim Bhme opened in Ludwigshafen / Rhine in 1960.
The first product he developed himself was Punktol, a preparation against "white spot" disease, known as "Ichthyo" in aquarium circles. This product is still available today. After the "start of the JBL brand name", JBL quickly developed into one of the largest full-range producers in the field of aquatics and herpetology in Germany. The company has been based in Neuhofen/Pfalz since 1984. Today JBL supplies their products to more than 50 countries and has over 100 employees.
By joining the Tetra Club you will become part of a scheme that already has tens of thousands of members. The Club is designed to improve your enjoyment of water gardening and fishkeeping, by providing expert help when you need it from Club Retailers and from our own experts, and by offering you a price reduction on Tetra products
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