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Egg hatching & Fry raising

There are several methods to successfully hatch and raise Corydoradinae fry. Here I will just show the equipment that I use. The full details on egg hatching and fry raising can be found in the Breeding section.

The Floating Container

This is the easiest method of hatching eggs away from the parent fish and once the fry have hatched and become free swimming they should be mover to a larger stage one growing on tank or container.

Outside Hanging Container

The container can either be a hang on the side of the tank type as shown, or one that floats on the surface of the spawning tank. An air stone is added to create water movement and maximise oxygen absorption.

The Internal Hatching Nursery

The internal nursery is the same type of container as shown above, but has been modified to take the poly filter on one side and a fine meshed covered outlet 6 mm above the base line on the opposite side. This has a big advantage over the external container in that although it keeps the eggs and fry in a fairly confined space they are actually still in the same water in which the spawning took place. As the picture shows the small poly filter that is attached to the nursery not only filters the water going into the container, but it also creates a constant flow over the eggs, preventing any particles of debris from settling on them and causing contamination.

Egg Hatching Unit

This is the new egg hatchery that I currently use, the smaller containers hold 3 liters and the larger ones hold 4.5 liters. Each container has its own air supply and a close fitting lid with just a narrow gap at the front to cut down on evaporation.