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Speaker  programme 

Luiz F. C. Tencatt

Brazil. review of Aspidoras.
    Corydoradinae, future problems to solve.
Hans-Georg Evers Germany. The Corydoras of Argentina & Uruguay.
    Cory news.
Karsten Schoenherr Germany. The Corydoras of Suriname.
Ian A. M. Fuller England. Collecting Corydoradinae in the Madre de Dios drainage.

Isaäc Isbrücker

Holland. An autience with Isaäc Isbrücker
Mark Breeze Wales. Dwarf Cichlids of the family Apistogramma.
Heiko Blessin (JBL) Germany. Analysing biotopes in the nature.
Mystery Speaker Planet Earth.

 "It's a Secret"

Clue 1

The mystery speaker has always had a passion for guppies!. It started as a child, as with many of us who kept them when we began in the hobby, and there always seems to be a few swimming about in one or two of their tanks.

  Clue 2 Volume 1, Number 1 of Tetra Werke’s infamous publication, Aquarium Digest International (ADI), was just being released about the time the mystery speaker was entering into the hobby.
  Clue 3 The mystery speaker maintains over 20 aquariums! A good number of catfish, but a little mix of everything!

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