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I’m Don Kinyon, and I’m a big fan of Callichthyidae. My folks got me a fully stocked ten gallon aquarium for Christmas when I was 9 or 10, and included in the odd group of fish were two Corydoras trilineatus.

The appearance and actions of the Corys held my attention much better than any of the tetras or live bearers; I loved to watch their behavior. I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t realize that by the time their youngest son was a teenager, one end or their living room would be jam-packed with tanks. I have to give them credit for letting me pursue my passion for aquatic life; it couldn’t have been a picnic for them. In our home in the rural Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA, my wife tolerates my fixation almost as well as my parents once did. I keep around 40 aquariums of various sizes and am active in several clubs. Corydoras are still my favorite and they are always well represented in the fish room.