Corydoras printed mug - Brochis multiradiatus

Image of Corydoras printed mug - Brochis multiradiatus

Price: £6.99

Brochis multiradiatus printed mugs

Each 11 oz microwave safe mug has the Corydorasworld logo on one side and a unique Corydoras print taken from an original watercolour painting by Ian Fuller.

Each mug also carries the Corydorasworld logo, and £1:00 from every sale will go to the Research Assistance Programme.

There are a total 15 designs to choose from:

Corydoras  fulleri  - Corydoras weitzmani - Corydoras sterbai - Corydoras hastatus - Corydoras knaacki 

Corydoras tukano - Corydoras - rikbaktsa -  Corydoras  panda  - Corydoras sp C049

Corydoras sp C016 'Teniente' - Corydoras sp CW009 'Green laser' - Corydoras sp C150 'Mazaruni'

Brochis multiradiatus - Scleromystax barbatus - Scleromystax macropterus.

Mugs can be purchased signally, or in sets of your own choosing, but because of ever increasing shipping costs, customers wishing to purchase more than one mug please ask for a separate shipping quote Contact

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