The aim of the Research Assistance Program (RAP) is to add financial support to scientists and or students working with Corydoradinae Catfishes. All projects will be considered and if accepted will be added to the list below.

Each month Corydorasworld will donate £2.00 from each membership or renewal subscription. 

All sponsors and supporters will be given credit for their support, unless otherwise requested.

Each project will have it own information page enabling supporters and sponsors to follow the progress and see the final result.

Research Assistance Program

ProjectRecipientTarget Total 

Collection of type material for description of: Corydoras sp. CW111 "The Zebra Cory"

Dr Luiz Tencatt (Brazil).


Completed  yes

The Rio Tapajós expedition. A journey to the new Corydoradinae epicentre.

There are at least 9 new species that have recently been found by a fisherman from the region, with the prospect of even more. Coo4 - CW155 - CW156 & CW160 are among the species so far found. The Tapajos project

Dr Luiz Tencatt (Brazil).



Completed  yes

 Revisiting Aspidoras (Siluriformes, Callichthyidae):

Filling in the gaps in Tencatt's taxonomic review (2017)

 Dr Luiz Tencatt (Brazil). $3000.00


Completed  yes

Biodiversity, taxonomy and phylogeny of Corydoras species from northwest Argentina Part 1

Dr Felipe Alonso ( Argentina)$1400.00
Completed  yes

New Corydoradinae Catfish?s from Mato Grosso

As widely known, the number of putative new species of Corydoradinae arriving at local fish shops is clearly higher than the number of new species being discovered in scientific expeditions. One of the reasons is due to the lack of financial support for scientific expeditions in general, especially in particular cases where the specific capture of a single species is sought, for example. In Mato Grosso State, Central Brazil, it is possible to find tributaries of the upper rio Paraguay basin and also from the rio Amazonas basin, such as the upper portions of the rivers Araguaia, Madeira, Tapajós and Xingu. Dozens of possibly undescribed species from these basins are currently known in the hobby. Regarding the coded species within Mato Grosso State, some of them recently caught our attention, such as: Corydoras sp. CW68, CW152 and especially CW162. Additionally, an undescribed species of Aspidoras is also in our radar, since despite being clearly new, the currently available material is in poor condition and no photos in life and from its habitat are available. Both Corydoras sp. CW68 and CW152 are part of ongoing works, which are expected to be published in 2024.

Dr. Luiz F. C. Tencatt

 Dr Luiz Tencatt (Brazil).


Completed  yes


             ($1,546.88)              01 /02/24



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