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Here at Corys4u we are all about sharing and supplying Corydoradinae at very competitive prices and also supplying some of the best stock around (our reviews speak for themselves!)

Several months ago, a good friend and fellow breeder gifted us a young group of C. guianensis which are (we feel) a very rare Cory in the hobby. There was a stipulation given on the gift and that was that from the first spawn we should gift a group to someone else, which we obviously agreed to.

After much consideration, we have decided to take this 1 step further and we are looking for ways to support the brilliant work done by our good friend Ian Fuller of www.Corydorasworld.com with his Corydorasworld Research Assistance Program.

The aim of the Research Assistance Program (RAP) is to add financial support to scientists and or students working with Corydoradinae Catfishes. More info on this amazing project can be found here. There is so much work that needs doing within the Corydoradinae family and currently Luiz Tencatt is the main scientist carrying out this work and we are extremely grateful to him for this.

With this in mind, we have decided to offer a group of the first 10 C. guianensis as a raffle prize, with ALL proceeds from the raffle going to the Research Assistance Program. The raffle will be advertised on Corys4u Facebook page, Corys4u Band page, Corydorasworld Facebook page and the Corydorasworld Website.

Unfortunately, this offer is only open to residents in England, Scotland and Wales to enable us to ship them to the winner. However, if you are from overseas and have someone here in the UK they can be shipped to feel free to enter but I must point out we are NOT able to ship outside the countries named above. Collection in person is also welcome! You could also buy a ticket just to donate to the important work the program supports.

Tickets will be £5.00 each (multiple entries are allowed), payable via PayPal friends and family (or bank transfer if you do not have a PayPal account) and we will offer 100 tickets initially. However, if there is enough interest, we will add further tickets in batches of 50 and the draw will take place on the 1st August 2021 (or when all tickets are sold, whichever comes first) No further tickets will be made available AFTER 1st August 2021.

We have made a google sheet available showing how many numbers are available, but we will not show names of those that have bought tickets, this is kept on a separate sheet and all entrants will be given their number. We will require your full name and contact details so we can get in touch with the winner. You can pick any number if its available or we can allocate you the next available number on the sheet.

Here is a link to the sheet?.


 We will be using the Row numbers as the numbers and when that number is taken it will be blocked out in black and the work TAKEN in the box. It will be a strictly first come first saved on named numbers ?

The draw will be done LIVE on Facebook and the winner announced on the day of the draw,

We hope you will help us support the RAP and all the work Luiz and his colleagues do.

Thank you for your time and any questions please message us directly via the Corys4u Facebook page (click HERE) or the Corys4u Band messaging service.

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